VAPORWAVE [Ross morris]

Vaporwave, fundamentally, is a mockery of the consumer/capitalist relationship that can be seen in the 90's. Characterized by visual distortions and the low fidelity that are the result of inferior analogue hardware and the primitive digital computer graphics of this decade, Vaporwave accentuates the contrast between today's art and the art of 20 years ago thanks to the technological progression that facilitated these changes. Summarized, it's the first inkling of nostalgic joy we're seeing from this recently bygone period where analogue technology heaved it's dying breath. 

Created just on the cusp of computer generated visuals, the text styles used in this poster foreshadow those of the coming decade
The visual style of this poster demonstrates popular design principles that will be seen for the next 10 years, like mismatched vivid color schemes and interlocking shapes
Although created in 1989, this poster was ahead of its time, sharing many aspects of the marketing material we see today
The clashing colors and intersecting shapes compose a style with visuals distinctive to the 90s
The subtle incorporation of the noose represents the work/life imbalance seen during this decade before employers and employees were aware of the harm this can induce
Normally considered a nuisance, this grafiti artist's work is now on display in a museum
Vibrant colors and lights are still used today to grab attention, although their use has matured in time
What might normally be seen as an ordinary congregation at the pool having a good time is twisted into something unsettling when the figure's expressions of joy are pushed too far
Here we see a piece made in 2014 that reverts its quality to that of something that might've been seen over than 30 years ago, allowing it to stand out more among higher definition visuals
Along with the 8-bit artistic style, the placement of the portraits is glaringly imperfect. At the dawn of computer graphics, placement of objects was not a high priority
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