World War II

This war was a war that would drag multiple world powers together in a fight for the centuries. The reason I have chosen this topic is because it has had one of the greatest impacts on America than any other single event. This brought the nation together and made this nation strong. In these pictures you will see true realism at its finest, showing many different aspect and views of the war at hand. These photos really jump started the whole realism movement by showing the people what was going on over seas. You will see many different aspects and views of different sides of the war.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have, because these are photos I have never before seen and really shed a light on what happened back in the 1940s. 

This is showing Adolf Hitler who is the new leader of Germany who would bring tyranny and fear to many Europeans and would soon cause World war II. He also stole a lot of artwork during the war.
This shows a Belgium family that had just lost everything that they had in a bombarding of their city by the German air force. This shows the life that many Europeans were soon to face from the Nazis.
This is showing the bombing at "Pearl Harbor" which is the biggest reason we decided to join the world war. If it wasn't for this very big moment in history, Germany may have prevailed.
This is a rare photo that shows "Relocation" camps in the United States that forced Japanese dissent into a camp where they could be monitored. Often these are compared to the death camps.
This shows American troops landing on Omaha beach on "D-Day." This shows a first person view that this soldier would have seen. This shows the true fear and wonder those soldiers were facing that day.
This is a widened view of "D-Day" which was the single biggest invasion in United States history. You can really see the intensity of the US navy in this photo.
These are American soldiers in German land during the war going to battle. This also shows the brother ship and true grit that American soldiers had to have to win this war.
This photo is showing that not only men were important to the war and rebuilding the war when it was finished. Women had a vital role in being nurses and running the factories while men were away.
In war there will come a lot of death and these crosses symbolize that and all of the love they had for their country. You can see in this picture too many crosses were needed to be put in the ground.
This flag not only symbolizes freedom and liberty but also symbolizes the great sacrifice many have made to keep that freedom for us all. This flag is symbolizing an end of a terrible and gruesome war
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