Cool color art

Tyson Jordan

Starting the gallery off with a classic. This painting is not only one of the most iconic pieces of art in the world, but a great example of cool colors.
This art is one of my favorites; The dark, rainy setting reminds me of staying home as a kid and playing outside in the rain.
As the name suggest, this painting has an over all blues theme, along with the obvious blue cafe walls. I imagine that it's storming outside, and the diner is protecting the people from the rain
This painting shows the lighter side to cool color painting, yet still maintains a darker mood. The painting gives the viewer a craving for adventure and exploration
Compared to the last painting, this one is pretty depressing. It shows the natural human struggle that we all endure.
This painting reminds me of a late afternoon in the woods on a camping trip, preparing for the night.
This painting reminds me of being downtown late at night. The lights are hypnotic, just as shown in this piece.
This painting about as accurate as it gets when it comes to cool colors. This piece represents sadness, darkness, reflection, and calmness
Definitely one of the darker pieces I found. Not only is this graveyard a symbol of death, but the colors in this painting give a very dark mood.
I saved the best (my favorite) for last. This painting is a perfect example of cool colors. The way the Earth is consumed in blue creates a really pleasant image for the viewer.
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