Renaissance Texture

Uses of texture to convey a sense of what the materials would feel like during the Renaissance Period. Examples of different types of cloth, hair, fur, and metals.

You get the feeling that the sleeves have ridges to them that lend to the shimmer of the cloth.
The veil she wears as part of her headdress appears as if it would feel weightless and airy. Additionally, her sleeves look as if you could feel the raised sections of her robe.
Looking at her sleeves, you could get a sense of how ruffly the poofs would feel.
The material of the man's clothing has the sense that it would feel smooth and soft, like satin.
You almost get the feeling that you could run your hands through the fur of the man's cloak.
The white parts of her gown have patterned ridges in it., as well as the gold embroidery. With the detail of this piece in particular, you almost already know what the clothes would feel like.
The texture applied to the metal of his shield and armor give a sense of the hardness of the material.
The main body of her gown looks as though it would be soft to the touch, yet rigid at the same time.
This suit of armor looks like it is very clean and polished the way it seems as if light is glinting off it.
This piece is particularly striking in the effect of textures have on his clothing. The fur and sleeves feel like they are waiting to be touched.
The beheaded man's beard is the most prominent feature of texture in this piece. Morbid it may be, but you feel like you can run your fingers through his beard.
The textures of the armor of this man seem as if light is glinting off of it. You also get a feeling to where the edges of the pieces of armor are.
The fur of this man's cape looks as if it is soft and warm. The feather in his hat also looks as if it would move if the wind blew. 
The ornamental details of this man's armor give the feeling that they are raised and you can run your fingers along them.
This is a particularly effective use of texture on this man's armor. The light glinting off of his armor is noticeably realistic looking and even reflects the man's face upon his shoulder.
This woman's gown gives the sense that it is a very soft and smooth material.
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