EDUC 4615

There is quite a bit of beauty within the ugliness here. Upon a first glance, I see the reds, greens, and blues. When I look deeper, I see the odd details in the faces. I also like the use of thick lines to represent features such are the forehead wrinkles and the furrowed brow - it really shows of the facial expressions. I also like the noses - they are so simple and kind of make me think of Aztecs.
I really enjoy the colour here. Although they are uncommon to an actual face, the contrast within it provides more of a realistic sense to an actual face - which is never just a solid colour.
I absolutely love how my eyes are pulled right to the woman's lips. all of the likes are very crisp and real. I also really like the way that the artist shaded the woman's face - especially around the woman's nose.
I find this portrait is absolutely lovely. The colour choices are simple and not too varying, but there is nothing simple about the portrait. I believe that this allows for the hint of the red colour to really jump out.This artist is a master of details - from the beading in her hair to her necklace.
I really enjoy the variation within this piece. Some faces are covered, some look straight on, and some are looking off to the side (both all the way and part of the way). I feel like I can utilize a variety of techniques here.
I am picking this piece of art because of the man who is laying on the ground. I cannot believe how much of an impact the mouth has on the entire piece. The pain and desperation is so clear. The way that the artist painted the mouth - from the crudeness of his teeth to the exposing of his gums, truly made the painting memorable.
I have always loved this painting. I am mesmerized by the obscurity and vagueness. I also like the range of colours used. Even though there is so much contrast, there is so much flow within it!
This portrait intrigues me. From a distance, the man's face seems so detailed and his features seem so intricate. However, when I zoomed in, I can see the bluntness of the artist's pain strokes. I would love to learn more about how this technique is achieved.
I am kind of drawn to the apathy of this piece. The man's eyes make me feel like he is tired of his surroundings. I also like how his features in his face are so tiny. Also, his surroundings are so dark that his face becomes the focal point.
Credits: All media
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