Sun-dae Delights

In this Art Exhibition I put together different types of suns and sunsets in different categories to express how the sun either up or down brings light to a dull situation. 

I picked this painting because it shows the sun over the meadows and shows in detail that this picture is somewhat patriotic because you see the U.S flag on the persons clothing.
It looks like this could be a nude beach and this women is enjoying the sun. Many art in the early 1900s shows nudity.
I picked this sun because it shows a human facial features and the texture make me think it could possibly be sharp around the edges.
This sunset remind me of the county because of the views from the mountain side.
Flat land with multiple colors is so beautiful to me personally, the light of the sun does wonders.
I would love to visit a place like this on vacation one day. This sight is so beautiful, this is why I picked it.
This picture reminds me of a sunset at the Grand canyon. I would put a painting like this in my home.
This picture reminds me of life. Choppy waters long and dark hardships with light at the end of it.
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