The Daily Commute; a journey to Inspiration -Bahja Dennard

This gallery is an artistic display of urban street artworks. Each piece focuses on carefully selected colors and patterns. Taking something that might have been torn,rundown or unattractive and making it beautiful inspiration.Vibrant piece that draw your attention even in passing. Most of these works are found in our own communities around the world. This gallery will take you on a journey through urban creativity. Beautiful works that you'll see on your Daily commute.

We start our journey here with the morning Philadelphia skyline. Artist James Burns uses color and patter to draw your eye to his piece. The word Rise is written in a bold confident font in front of the backdrop of the city. The colors Burn's has chosen are bright and will stand out no matter the time of day.
In this photo by Steve Weinik, the metro area of Philadelphia is being show cased. With the building closest to us adorning a hand painted work by street artist Gaia. The abundant use of light colors such as white and grey help the portrait to stand out for blocks. Looking down at those on their daily commute.
Artist Pelado transforms this urban store front into a creative swirl of music, culture, and city landscapes. In this mural the artist uses color to consume the viewer. The round curves and swirls help to move the eye throughout the piece. Each color section shows a different aspect of the city and its culture. This is a creative form of a neighborhood face lift.
CRIN and MPC elevated this hospital from in ordinary building to a creative destination. Color and movement intensifies this picture. The contrasting colors create depth against the wall while the shading helps to make the design pop. The delicate line work creates movement throughout. This hospital is a great example of creative community revitalization.
In this creative piece the artist Jiant turned the entire wall of a building into a creative Iguana masterpiece. The colors transform it while adding vivid contrast and extreme detail. With this piece being so large and vibrant its hard to miss. Giving an industrial area a new look.
Artist Desiree Bender transforms a garbage truck into rolling art. Her choice of Black and white tones added extreme contrast to the truck. The repeated line work and patterns create rhythm that flows your eye throughout. The dark tones create intensity while the light tones are used as highlights. This is complete creative transformation.
In this building sized mural artist Eric Okdeh creates a inspirational master piece that blends culture, community, ambition and family. Using specific colors in areas helps to develop scenes. The different color tones highlight the different moods and emotions of the characters. This mural takes your breath away even in passing.
Artist Miss Rockaway Armada transform this parking lot into a modern day fantasy land. The bright colors and creativity drives this artwork. We explore the imagination with intricate details and organic shapes. With colors like these you can see this mural for blocks. This is a fun and inspirational piece.
This mural adorns the entrance of a Philadelphia office building. With delicate brush strokes and calming colors artist Josh Sarantitis and Kathryn Pannepacker created a way to bring a since of unity and family to the area. The bold outlines and contrast help to move your eye throughout the artwork. And each colored box creates a fun pattern. These artist have redeveloped a ordinary area and turned it into a meeting place.
Credits: All media
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