Abstract Appreciation

this is a collection of abstract paintings and sculptures by different types of artist who's works rangefrom ceramics to acrylic and numerous other mediums. 

this is an abstract painting done by Yam Awely an aboriginal artist from Australia. the Painting was produced on canvas using acrylic paint. This fits into the theme of my gallery because it is not a traditional painting and is open to interpretation.
This Vase was created by Aguste Claude Heiligenstein a french Ceramist who participated in the revival of enamel decoration on glass in the 1930's. this vase belongs in this gallery because the clouds and flowers are not traditional.
created by an artist that paints under the name of JonOne from New York, this painting fits into this gallery because Graffiti is another form of abstract art.
this sculpture of an olympic ski jumper is an element of this gallery because the jumper himself is not an actual representation of a human being...plus it looks cool.
The scream is an iconic abstract painting done by Edvard Munch. the depiction of this man screaming with hollow eyes and no real body shape makes it perfect for this gallery.
The Starry Night is a painting of exactly what is sounds like: a starry night. it is in this gallery because it's one of my favorites and the way the clouds are swirling in the night sky instead of traditional puffy clouds make this work of art abstract and fit for this gallery.
this geometric sculpture was inspired by mathematics and physics. it plays with the perception of what people see.
this painting is open to representation and there is not a real picture of anything, it can literally be anything the viewer wants it to be.
Credits: All media
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