Wow 050112

Assorted delectables.

A figure to live with. I mean, don't *you* want to have it nearby?
How these burst with personality.
An owl *and* an anubis. Cf Leonardo's sketches.
Tap, tap, it's so elegant a shape;
Astrange & wonderful somehwat startled &/or cranky (querulous perhaps?) fancy bird;
Simple yet royal;
I love how close we are to the foreground stones (short buttes?);
egg-like simplicity, very lovely; one cannot contemplate turmoil watching this jar;
Love that the 'floral' band is tipped; Sisyphus pushing flowers uphill?
How daggone swell; they honor the palm trees nearby;
Try to see this in zoom; extraordinary, a plethora, joy galore;
I'm not sure there *could* be a cooler cat? Roughly contempary with Will (Shakespeare).
Credits: All media
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