Green is Good

I love how the details in the background are made from the negative space.
I'm a sucker for old-timey, vintage machinery. The fact that it's green is pretty great, too
I love the green-on-black color of this vase. It sort of reminds me of a spongey "Monster" logo.
The detail on the trees in this piece is really great.
I love van Gogh's style. Although this is just grass, van Gogh paints it in a way that it seems like more than that.
Similar to "Patch of Grass", this image is just tufts of grass, flowers, and a couple of butterflies. But something about it is beautiful.
I like how only about two-thirds of this piece is green, but it still really pops.
I love the minimalism of this piece.
This piece reminds me of my apartment complex. 
More van Gogh! I like how he separates the green of the trees and the green of the ground with more green.
I love the fluidity of this piece. The trees almost look like they're from a Dr. Seuss book.
This piece reminds me of the woods back home in Massachusetts. Not spectacular, but still beautiful.
A singe tree standing tall on a mountain. Very photogenic.
I like the quirkiness of the single tree in this piece.
I like the smooth, abundant brush strokes in this piece.
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