On laughing about the end

It’s pretty hard to make someone laugh about the end of the world. It’s pretty heavy stuff after all. How would it be possible to combine the two? Kurt Vonnegut may have the answer. There have been many attempts at the apocalyptic novel, but very few attempt to combine the end of the world with hilarity. Vonnegut sets out to do just this in his extremely funny, but piercing, Cat’s Cradle. So many things in the novel are just borderline ridiculous, and yet still offer commentary on the world. The strangeness of religion, the double edged sword of science, and the general ridiculousness of life are all seen within this wide-reaching novel. Vonnegut’s creation of random, gibberish words add character and personality, from the fated karass to the manufactured granfalloon, there is always some new word or situation to giggle at. Cat’s Cradle has so much to offer, and will have you contemplating human nature while laughing. This is something that Vonnegut is so good at, and you really have to read his work to appreciate it. The chapters are short, the reading is brisk and entertaining, and there really isn’t much to lose. Cat’s Cradle comes highly recommended. 

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