Je Suis Une Ami

Je Suis Une Ami, or I am a Friend, is a collection of French paintings depicting masters and their beloved pets.

The pup in the right corner, Brusquet, was much admired by his family thus his presence in this painting. He once scared thieves away after they broke in.
The boy pictured is unknown but believed to be of the French Royal family. While he is watching the bird, his posture indicates that he is tuned into his pup. His arms are holding and petting his pup
The girl depicted here has allowed herself to be distracted from her homework. She let her pet Goldfinch free of its cage and is now happily attuned to her beloved pet.
Mrs Catherine Smith Gill is pictured here with her two children in what is considered an intimate painting for its time. The inclusion of the pup signifies the dogs importance and value in his family.
In Woman With A Parrot the woman is shown nude. She exhibits vulnerability in her state of dress yet her posture says she is relaxed and open, with her eyes lovingly fixed upon her parrot.
In this painting we see both a dog and a cat; representative of the human relationship for fidelity and sexual relations. The animals importance here are their symbols for the relationship depicted.
This portrait illustrates two boys, children of the Marquis de Bethune, playing and holding their pup. Their smiles, postures, & physical contact with the pup could signify their adoration for the pup
Here we see the ma'am with depicted arrogance and harsh posture, yet we also see she holds closely, her cat. The proximity of her feline could depict her fondness & desire for closeness of this friend
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