The Art Of War

The theme of this exhibition is War propaganda. I chose this theme because I believe you can't have one without the other. I haven chosen seven examples in which I think are some of the best representations of this.

I chose this image because it is one of the most iconic pieces of war propaganda. It shows Uncle Sam (United States Government) recruiting people to join the Navy for WWI.
This is a image by a unknown artist showing some of the sacrifices the people during WWII had to make so the men fighting overseas would have more.
This is a image for WWII to show the power of the Allies alliance. This is used to give hope to people that the Allies would win the war.
This image is taken from the Battle of Iwo Jima. I chose this image because it is very iconic image and was used as propaganda to raise money for the 7th war Loan.
This is Nazi propaganda before the start of WWII. I chose this because you can see how the artist makes this situation seem very dire for the German people.
I chose this piece of propaganda because it had a very humorous tone to me. You can interpret what it is saying in many ways.
For the last image I chose one that hits the home-front. This image was used during WWII so people at home could buy war bonds in order to help the troops.
Credits: All media
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