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The entire dish shown in consumed of lines From the outer edges transferring into smooth curved lines, and then the almost random "beehive" pattern placed in the middle.
Shape is most evident in this vase. The geometric figures that are shown along with the the organic style of pottery causes an interesting contrast.
In the sculpture you can see many elements, but most obviously form. One can see form in the three dimensional shape of two men and a weapon in a biblical scene.
The Bowl here has a great display of color. With the light waves bouncing off of the object into the eyes, one can see red, blue, white, and a whale in the piece.
Value is shown here in this jar. The relative darkness is depicted in the black deer and lines across the piece. Also the relative lightness is shown in the white spaces between the black and red.
The raised figures in this vessel depicts and gives the sense of great texture, especially when raised off of a smooth spot on the vase. This gives an even more dramatic feeling of texture.
Space is shown in this piece of art due to the evenly distanced lines going from bottom to top, and top to bottom.
This piece of art shows one of the more unique elements of art:perspective. When looked at from one angle, a person sees a 2D figure, but when looked at slightly differently, one sees a 3D figure.
Rhythm is greatly displayed in this vase. Due to the pattern of the ovals and their placement, one can get a sense of repetition and movement. This is called rhythm.
This vessel shown, portrays a detailed scene that involves movement. Movement is displayed by the men running and jumping, which are all signs of movement.
This jar shows both views of proportion. It is very proportional in the fact of the beard, eyes, and ears are even length and size. The nose however, is far to large, thus showing disproportion.
the vase shown here, displays symmetrical balance. If one could cut this vase in half vertically, the two side would be identical copies, thus making them symmetrically balanced.
This bowl truly meets this definition of harmony. The leaves on the bottom tie together, leaving one not knowing where one begins and ends, and gives the sense of completion.
Emphasis is shown here in this jug due to it's handle. The curly, gnarly handle really stands out when compared to the body of the jug that is smooth. This contrast causes it to be the focal point.
This vessel shows great variety where it transfers from greens, yellows, blacks, and a pale white; yet it also mixes in texture. From a lightly textured bottom, to a rough middle, and a smooth top.
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