This is my gallery of works of art that have major textures to it.

I chose this piece of art because if you look close, the textures they use to make things look real are intense. The waviness on the arms, or the texture to their hair. It helps intensify the work.
I chose this work of art because of the textures they use to portray the people, along with the textures in the walls.
The textures in this picture show this man has some sort of wings, showing that he is some sort of creature or angel.
The bird in this picture has a lot of detail to the textures, the wings are defined along with the wall having lots of different little textures to it.
This cylinder has a one steady texture toward it. I like how it is consistent and how it looks so interesting.
In this one, the table has lots of colors and textures in it, and if you could feel the slight bump of the ink from the writing, the textures from that would be beautiful.
This building is filled with textures, there are so many different ones also.
Here the pillars and the top of this building have different textures toward it, it could have been done on purpose for a meaning or not.
Here the little statue has lots of textures, from his head piece to the robe, to his staff, they are all different.
Chinese paintings have lots of textures, the paper/cloth they use, the ink leaves slight bumps, its all beautiful.
In this, the textures and colors are used nicely, they use different textures to make the people and animals.
If I were to run my fingers crossed this,, I would be able to feel the different textures in the horses and water and trees. Chinese paintings use lots of textures.
The oils and paint they used for this has the different textures intensify. With all the different strokes, it helps the picture a lot.
This pictures shows a lot of different textures, with every line,theres a different slight bump to the paper, and if you look close, all the detail they used for this one, there is a lot of textures.
this picture not only shows lots of textures but lots of colors, the different textures used in the horses and trees stand out the most to me.
Credits: All media
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