Art Gallery Project 

It's amazing how it's just keeping one shape but using it in different ways, and she don't just keep the same colors. Also She doesn't have just one mood either its several, she don't keep it dark and depressing she has bright cheerful colors
this is my favorite piece I love the colors he is using, and he isn't just using one type of shape, he includes some different colors, and he added some words which i haven't seen in any other.
It's cool how he is taking squares to make a face, he kind of cuts the man into squares & made it seem like a pile of nothing.
I think this piece is trying to prove that not everything has to be dark and depressing, It has fun colors they're bright, and cheerful colors.
This one is very different, but I like that it's so simple and easy It's not crazy and seeking attention it's just so simple. I like how he made dark and bright colors mix together and look good.
Credits: All media
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