off the wall 

I have chosen three imagines from three different collections and they are all street art. The reason why street art stands out to me is because I feel like its a art that is often over looked. If you look at the images I selected you can see the size on all three of the in relation the the structure they are on. They are massive! It must have taken all the artists a lot of time and a extreme amount of skill. The artists can't just take the building and sell their art, which is another reason why it intrigues me. They put so much time and effort in there work out of the love of art. I think this style is going to start grown in the years and I really think people should appreciate it more. 

Roa, Roa, 2012-04-29/2012-05-06, From the collection of: All City Canvas
Lagarto, Rodez, 2013, From the collection of: Bogotá Street Art
sofles noir night girl, Sofles, 2015/2015, From the collection of: All Those Shapes
Credits: All media
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