A Fanciful Mind

A Look at the works Of The Late Vincent Van Goph. For my virtual gallery I went on a quest to find some of the most enriching and visually appealing  works of Goph. I feel as though many of his paintings can be taken and placed into a realm of fantasy. Allow me to take you on a journey to another time and another place in another universe. 

An Oil On Canvas painting, it depicts a view from his asylum room just before sunrise. The texture of the painting helps create a fantasy like view on real place found on earth.
Saint-Remey De Provence is where Van Gogh's Asylum is located. The strikingly blue and vibrant orange colors help transcend this real location into fantasy world.
Another view of Saint-Remey. Here we See more striking blue and orange colors as well as hints of red and purple thrown in, these colors are not typically associated with earth based colors
Painted before his first attack at his Asylum. Gogh draws in influences from Japanese Ukiyo-e Wood Print Blocks. It continues the use of strong blues and with some blue added to the green stalks
This painting was made in the same year as his death. Gogh brings his signature interpretation of the sky. This painting is more serene than his previous works but still contains vibrancy and life.
Although darker than his usual works, Gogh still manages to bring some vibrancy to this normally dull and drab event. The colors make this rain feel as though it is in another universe
Part of a series of portriats of the Roulin Family. Joeseph later would become good friends with Gogh up until Gogh's death.
Another example of Gogh's intnese use of blue. Although this one looks more earthly than previous works in this gallery, the texture of the sky still feel out of place and other worldly.
The Subject of this portrait is Marie Jullian. Gogh seems to play with proportions of this figure, therefore she has an alien like appearance.
This final Piece in the gallery does an excellent job of showing Gogh's mental state in the last year of his life. We see some distorted landscapes and structures which continue a dream like style.
Credits: All media
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