Renaissance perspective

Brushstroke: painting style used Influence: affect or inspiration from something Exhibition: public display of ones art Contemporary: occurring in the present
Watercolors:water soluble paints Brush: tool made of real or synthetic hair that are used to paint
Conceptual:based on an idea Abstract:existing in thought but not in life Perception:to see hear or become aware of something Satire:use of humor and irony to ridicule and reveal people's stupidity
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Architecture:the art of designing or constructing buildings Design:a plan or drawing Three-dimensional:having or appearing to have length, depth, and width Classical:ancient greek art or literature
Panel: rectangular component that forms on the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling Antiquity:of the past Sculpture:art of making three-dimensional representation of objects Modeled:the figure or object a piece of work is inspired by
Renaissance:cultural rebirth in Europe Depiction:representation or example of something Space:empty portions of a work Variants:a form of something that differs from the original
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