The Spring Life

Welcome to my gallery "The Spring Life". As you enter this gallery "The Spring Life" you will see artworks demonstrating the spring landscape. This gallery holds a collection of artwork that captures nature when it is in Spring, it demonstrates the natural landscape around us. These artworks in this gallery have been chosen as it strongly characterise the theme, of this gallery, Spring Landscapes. The title of the gallery is this as each gallery contains artworks that show different perspective of people towards Spring and what they think of when it comes to spring. Some people experienced it in the city, countryside, village etc. Many people experience spring at different times and in different scenery. These artworks in this gallery all is about the spring, the theme is spring and all of these artworks relate to the theme. When you go through all of the artworks in this gallery you are also able to see the colours used and brushstrokes that strongly demonstrate the theme of the gallery. Some artworks in the gallery will also be compared to many man made objects and how they differ to them. Each image throughout has a flow that talks about the season spring, it is demonstrated in many ways whether it is a sketch, oil painting, a photography or a sculpture. When gone through and read about each artwork you will be able to see that each artwork has a different meaning behind it but overall still relate to the spring theme. Each piece will tell about someone`s life, their journey or just there perspective towards the spring landscape. 

This artwork Children Spring is a example of a Post Modern frame. The artist has used a pencil and oil that has been drawn on just paper, this is a new art form and is playful.
This artwork "spring" strongly characterise the subjective frame. The arts used has used many brushstrokes using different colours to make a effect.
This piece of artwork is a example of a structural frame. It is 3d making it a stuctual piece that has a symbol of and a marble version of Spring/ Flora artwork.
This artwork- Fragrance of Spring (1940) strongly characterise the cultural frame. This artwork refers to the culture of the lady in the piece, which is Japanese.
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