Stolen fro Fritz Grunbaum

This painting was stolen from Jewish cabaret artist Fritz Grunbaum while he was imprisoned by the ****s in the Dachau Concentration Camp where he died penniless. It was inventoried by Franz Kieslinger, a **** art looter who worked for Kajetan Muhlmann, ******'s chief art looter. This painting was seized as stolen by District Attorney Robert Morgenthau in 1998 at the MoMA in New York city. Due to legal bungling, the stolen painting was returned to Austria and hangs as a reminder that Austria has failed to return stolen property to heirs of its murdered Jewish population as the 1955 Austrian State Treaty requires Austria to do.

This painting was inventoried by the Nazis in Fritz Grunbaum's Vienna apartment while he was in the Dachau Concentraion Camp. It is stolen and should be returned to his heirs.
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