The Beauty of modern Style & Texture - (Sebastian Wadman)

This gallery includes Art done with starkly contrasting on modern materials. It shows what is depicted in each piece as well as the various elements and principles of design. Inkie Whang is the talented artist behind these artworks setting the bar high with his modern technic and technology. Most of these art works are inspired by Korean landscape.

The top of the artwork is depicting an aurora in a nighttime sky filled with mixtures of red, blue, yellowish green, and orange. The left side seems to take shape of mountains and the right side of leafs and trees. The black and gray create contrast between the nighttime sky and the gray landscape.
This artwork depicts a mountain range with grassy meadows. The texture of it seems to be pixelated digitally. The color selection of the artist emphasizes a landscape by using mixtures of green, yellow, red and brown as well as dark green to outline the mountain ridges. This artwork lacks the use of vivid colors giving it a dull look.
First thing you see is a creek side depicted by the contrast of red and black. The black color represents the tree trunks and shadows. Red is used to show the leaves and grass. You can see a lake or stream with the reflection of the trees giving it an odd over all look do to the choice of colors.
This painting looks like a house with a walkway. This painting utilizes baby blue and black. The outline of the house is made up of many dots giving it a printed look. This work does not seem to contain to much making it a quite plain look making it some what hard to make out the concept at first.
This painting utilizes the colors yellow and black. It depicts a dream state with vey detailed mountains and bushed. The outline is done with the color black; in the very middle there is the outline of a large figure, seeming to take form of a giant. The mountains contain very sharp edges with black shadows. The texture of the painting is that as if made of cloth but is in fact not.
A mixture of dark green and light green fill in the shape of the mountains forming a valley. This pixelated artwork is brought to life on a white background with the use of black to out line its shapes. This work contains hints of brown mixed in. This artwork is inspired on a Korean landscape.
This painting shows mountain ranges of rocky surface surrounded by clouds. You can see some dried up bushes with the color black outlining it as well as the mountains. This painting utilizes the color green, yellow, red and gray, which take up most of the surface area. This image gives you a sense of open space with a heavy pixelated texture.
The first thing that draws your attention is the small hut. What is mostly outlined is the roof due to the use of black with the contrast of orange. Orange takes up most of the space, taking the job as a fill in color. The trees and grass surrounding the hut are created with the color black. There is the resemblance of a figure in the hut. The work gives a feel of a breeze landscape.
This painting is yet simple and complex. The artist chose to use black and white to depict his vision. Due to the black, it gives of a printed feel showing the pixels in detail. The painting shows a line of figures in the state of travel with a long journey ahead. In the distance to your right you can se a tree line with the color black giving its form. The color white takes up most of the color.
This painting shows mountain ranges surrounded by clouds. You can see a house and fields outlined with the color black as well as mountains. This painting utilizes the color pink, which takes up most of the surface area contrasted with black. This image gives you a sense of open space and wind.
Credits: All media
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