Art 100

The bright hues of color in the center draw the viewers eye in. The absence of color on the edges showcases the color of the landscape.
The night sky is highlighted from the bright hues of the colors. The darkened colors of the city also enhance the brightness of the sky.
The darkness of colors in the background acts as a shadow showcasing the use of lighter colors which highlight the subject. The darkened hues also evoke a somber feeling within the viewer.
The warm colors are presented in soft shades which can evoke a peaceful feeling in the viewer.
A single color is presented in different shades allowing for focus to be on the image, rather than color.
Two primary colors are used as the focal point on a blank background creating emphasis on the color and pattern.
The deepening level of saturation draws in eye in towards the focal point of the white center.
Complementary warm colors create harmony amongst the confusion.
The use of a single color among neutrals showcases the artists focus. The absence of color in areas such as the water also creates contrast from the red of the trees.
The brightness of the green allows the snakes to be the focal point of the piece. The lightened shades of the background compliment the focus nicely.
Credits: All media
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