death in egypt

This gallery is based on artifacts that symbolize or depict ancient Egyptian death. Each artwork shows death depicted in a different way. Death was very important in Ancient Egypt and they had very serious practices when it came to death.

This is a portion of the Book of the Dead Padikhonsu. In it, the owner is depicted twice. In the left scene he is offering two vases to Osiris.
This is one of the twelve pieces of the Book of the Dead of Kenna.This depicts the Judgment of the Dead, which falls in favor of Kenna.
Horemheb is being presented with golden gorgets to show hid victory in battles. This is a portion of the second wall relief from the second courtyard of his grave complex.
This stela was errected in Abydos for the god of the dead Osiris. Where he was supposedly buried, was a place of great pilgrimage for Ancient Egyptians.
Funerary cones were placed above the tops of graves to show the names and titles of who was buried there. This one was found in the tomb of the fourth prophet of Amon.
This chest contains the embalmed entrails of Sobekemsaf I. They were wrapped and contained in four canopic jars which are depicted on the flat inside of the box.
The scene depicted on the coffin of Petisis, is the illustration accompanying proverb 151 from the Book of the Dead.
A bed was sometimes used to support the coffin that the mummy resides in.This one shows Herty and his wife with Roman clothing and full faced.
Mummies were given an inner coffin made of linen stuck together with paste and coated with stucco, known as a cartonnage after 1100 BCE. This one depicts life and death through image of the sun god.
Some Egyptian cities has designated scared cows. When the bulls died, there was a period of mourning and the mummification was not that different from human mummification.
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