Vivid colors with vivid  emotions.

In this gallery you will find incredible artworks that have an interesting way of color. The paintings have all types of color, hot, mold, and cool. Also you will see how colors give unique emotions and feelings to the audience.

I am very interested in this painting. You can see and even feel how sad and tired the little girl is due to the dark and sad colors. The colors used in the background makes me understand that these people have a dream to leave. The fire signifies heart and courage. 
The Scream is a very known painting. I chose this painting because the colors makes the audience understand the confusion or scariness of the screamer. 
I picked this artwork because the artist used different colors to make more details in the painting. The image is also clear and not blurry due to the straight coloring. 
The color red makes the image pop out even though the majority of the color used are dark. 
The artist uses many mild colors and then makes the image pop out with blue. The image looks like a whirlwind. The color blue is applied with different shades to make the body and the shark.
As you can see in each painting on the image there is a different color. The artist uses different colors meaning different personalities. 
Even though trees are green the artist paints them in many different mild and cool colors. The image is blurry but due to his colors the audience can immediately understand what the image represents. 
Very soft and relaxed colors making the image flow. The artists uses red, green, and orange to make the painting look joyful. 
The artists uses interesting mixes of colors to create an astonishing sunset. He also paints the water reflecting the sky to give the painting more mood.
The painting has many different shades of green for the audience to concentrate more on the snakes. You can also see an opening meaning something came or left. There is a suspicious mood to it. 
The painting has an interesting use of the color blue to make shadows and light. As you can see the color becomes dark more on the right. 
Many dark colors are used to give more emotion to the fire and the dark event happening in the image. 
In this image the lighting is very interesting. Though there are plants and trees all around making the floor darker, the artist still gives an opening for light for the audience to see well what is happening with the people. 
The colors of this image are very smooth and cool. The image is relaxed and happy due to the rainbow. 
Many different colors are used for this image. The drawings look very cartoony because of the mixture of light colors. The mood is funny and joyful.