a look into the life of queen elizabeth I

I've always loved Queen Elizabeth I. I was always reading books about her and writing reports about her. That's why I wanted to do my gallery on her and her family members! I hope this gallery encourages you to look further into the life of Queen Elizabeth I

I chose this painting because I think it does a good job of showing the beauty of Queen Elizabeth. This is fine art because it is a beautiful painting of Queen Elizabeth that depicts her authority.
This is fine art because most paintings could be considered fine art. I added this one because Anne Boleyn is Elizabeth's mother and I really wanted to focus on some main people in Elizabeth's life.
This, like all the others and the rest is fine art. This painting depicts Elizabeth's father. It shows him as kingly, regal, and filled with authority which is exactly what he was like! That's why I like this painting.
Another example of fine art. I chose this painting because it is a younger version of Elizabeth but she still looks just as regal and powerful which really was what she was like her whole life.
Yet another example of fine art. I put this painting in because Catherine of Aragon was Henry's first wife who Henry cast aside in favor of Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth's mother. Catherine is the mother of Mary, Elizabeth's older sister and rival.
This is also fine art. Queen Mary, sometimes referred to as Bloody Mary, is Queen Elizabeth's half sister. She was an important part of Elizabeth's life because she imprisoned her in the tower for a while.
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