A Field of Flowers

My theme are different paintings that include flowers as there main feature.

If there is a * under my perspective that means that the painting needs a better name.

I think that this reminds me of the war feild that they show on rememberance day. it looks like there is a breeze and all the poppies are blowing silently.
The vibrant colours in this painting interest me so I look at it more.
To me this looks like a reflection as there are heaps of roses covering the area of the rectangle.
The title of the painting seems not right to me. I think it should have been named something more suited to the picture like 'A Fluttery Field of Colours'.
This art piece is very peaceful to me because it looks like the flowers are covered in fog and smog.
This painting is my personal FAVORITE out of the whole gallery as i love the outlining of the irises these irises look as they have been grown naturally.
The artist has obviously pu t in alot of detail with all those silky stokes for grass
This piece of art work is a classic a this is one of my favorites as the different shdes of yellow are very attracting.
Some paintings including this one let the flowers droop down the vase
there are only one type of flower in this painting and they are the pansy. i really like the flower as it looks like there is a second flower in the centre. :)
This reminds me of a place in Victor harbor. It is called Encounter bay and it looks like were you meet the Bluff.
The flowers just doop down in the vase. it seems like they are going to fall out but it is still a beautiful sight. *
I love how this piece is on a slant and how the flowers stand out from the trees or feild.
If only more marigolds where in this field. it would look more ijnteresting if the tinting was lighter.
The butterfly is the first thing that I notice in this painting even know that it is quite small.
This painting is very life like as there is lots of detail and effort put in to by Victoria Dubourg (Fantin-Latour)
This is by far my very favorite art piece in the whole world as it makes me feel alive
in the backround there is obviously a cottage or some sort of shed and all the flowers around it looks like roses
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