The Works of van gogh

This exhibit is simply an collection of my favorite paintings from my favorite artist, Vincent van Gogh. My first painting ever studied was "The Starry Night" by van Gogh and ever since then I've been a fan of his work. These paintings in this gallery display the brilliant use of color and different strokes and patterns he uses to bring the picture to life. you can really call these paintings a work of art. 

This painting displays a dark village and the only light you see are those of the bright stars in the sky. I chose this picture because it is my favorite painting. I also enjoy the dark colors used.
This is a simple painting. Wooden bedroom furniture is strategically placed in the room with adjoining paintings on the wall. I chose this image because of the strong and contrasting colors used
This painting is one of a couple walking through the woods. This painting stood out to me because of the two people alone in the woods. Bright flowers and high grass brush across their legs.
Beautiful painting of Irises in a garden of many beautiful flowers. This painting was chosen just because of the lively blue color hew used to bring the flowers to life.
Painting of a corn harvest in a big corn field. You can see small homes are what looks like a barn off in the distance. The unique brushstrokes a clear blue sky is what drew me to this piece of work.
This is a self port of Vincent van Gogh. This painting was chosen because of the brush strokes and use of color. Look closely and you can see different strokes used to bring the image to life.
Painting of the Garden at Arles. In this painting you can see the colors he uses to catch your attention. The colors really pop out to me which makes this such a great piece.
The painting is hard to describe. It is simply a painting of rain. Looks as if there is a pasture in the background. He uses certain techniques and colors to make the rain drops the main focus.
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