The bill of rights

By: Madison Lopez 

Basic Freedom... To have the freedom of speech, religion, and belief in the government however we want as the people.
The right have a gun... Citizens can own a gun and carry it around as they please.
Quartering Soldiers... Citizens are not forced to have soldiers stay in their houses neither are the soldiers.
Search and arrest... The government can not search citizen's belongings and if they do, they need a warrant approved by the judge.
Rights in criminal cases... Citizens have their basic rights and can not be tried twice for the same crime. Citizens also can not be sentenced to jail without going to trial first.
Right to a fair trial... Citizens have the right to be trial by a jury and have the right to call up witnesses and a have a lawyer.
Rights in civil cases... Citizens have a right to have a jury trial.
Bails, Fines, Punishment... Bails, fines, punishments, must be reasonable and not too cruel.
Rights retained by the people... All citizens in America have their rights and must be respected by those.
States Rights... The states and the people can keep any rights that are in the constitution.
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