Baroque Art - Aaron Higgins

A general show of physical distortion combined with visible opulence and light, influencing the emotions of the artwork.

A deeply emotional piece, utilizing light on the two most emotional figures while leaving the remaining aggregation in darkness, still keeping them in the scene like a real event.
The grandiose scene of the afterlife is painted like an unending terrain, while, in the foreground, the outstretched Diomedes lies postrate, in agony - his skin alit by the fires above.
The woman's facial visage is made clear as her emotions are vested in the withered face, all else staying in the dark, employing extreme detail in the process.
The massive bredth of the ocean is paragon of manneristic over-elaboration,the painting itself depicting a scene of chaos, caught in a single moment, as the ship is brightened to contrast with the ocean.
Truly a scene on a grand scale, as the light descending from the firmament casts its flames upon Jesus at the center, weakening until it reaches the black edges of the still.
Utilizing light to present the massive landscape beyond, as the ox and its guide travel unto a new land, unknown to the viewer - its outstretched lights providing a sesne of hope in turn.
The faces of each individual is fully conveyed of their emotions by use of lighting, revealing the apathy, joy, and agony of the respective figures.
Credits: All media
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