The African Road

 This gallery is about different kinds of African art work. There are paintings, carvings, handmade items, masks, and sculptures. They are all beautiful in their own way and some of the items are even very colorful.I find African art to be different. I have never loved it, though I have always been drawn to it because of its uniqueness.I feel that African art is interesting and beautiful at the same time, and there are pieces that I don't feel are beautiful, but they are unique in their own way, which would make you stop and look at them. Take for example the African Tribal Dancer by Leonard Matsoso 1979. It is not a colorful piece of art, or a beautiful one, but a different looking one. The way the tribal dancer is bent in the painting almost looks painful, how the rest of the the body is proportioned, and the brown and white coloring of it makes you stop and look and try and make out what is going on in the painting. And how the painting is put together because it looks like it is brown paper pasted together at the joints and that makes it very unique. The second piece of art that I found to stand out was the Fertility Figure by Johanna Nqabindi. When I first say the figure I thought it was just stacked yarn with loops coming off to hold more yarn. Then I read the description and it was for fertility. The off white color makes the figure look feminine where the darker colors make it masculine. On closer inspection of the piece you can see that it has a full string on it as to be able to have it hang around the women's neck who wants a child.

By looking at the piece you can tell that it would fit into the gallery. The wood is the typical dark wood that reminds me of Africa and the curvy shape of the object also is part of the African art.
By looking looking at the red, blue, white, and green it stands out as African to me.You couldn't tell that is an apron unless you read the description. I feel that makes it interesting and beautiful