Saleena6A-Line Art Examples

These 5 pieces of artwork represent "Lines."

This one is actually a real life image so it is unique. You can see many curvy lines that are thin. There is also straight vertical cylinder pillars going through the middle. It makes me feel kind of calm but I am thinking so I am being to become curious. It sort of confuses me. The lines are also quite long.
I like this art piece very much. I like that it looks like someone painted a nice plaque and as it aged, this is what it turned to. I think it is very artistic and abstract.
This piece of art is quite beautiful. It has many different lines that actually make up the background. It makes me feel angry in way. Like I want to scream but then again I feel neutral too. It confuses, gets me thinking.
This piece is really nice. I like how you could not tell it was made up of lines because all the great detail. It looks like the artist painted a corner of the room and it so happened to have many examples of lines.
I think it is pretty obvious on how this art uses lines. Here is a little bit on the lines.-Mostly straight lines and a some curvy lines around the boomerang -Relatively thick lines-Lines that are vertical and diagonal-Short lines-Lines are sort of in a pattern 
Credits: All media
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