Art of love

This gallery contains various artworks of Cupid and his parents, Mars and Venus, throughout different eras.  Different textures used in these paintings really bring the pictures to life, and the expression of love is shown in most.

With this painting being done with oil on canvas, you can see the texture of the canvas in some areas if you look close enough. The textures of the painting give a soft look also.
The textures in this painting really bring to life Mars' armor and it gives a sense of depth with the background being a little softer. With Mars being the God of War, it really softens the picture, metaphorically speaking, with Cupid being the God of Love; love conquers all.
The textures in this piece are really expressed in the fabric, the skin, and Mars' armor. The skin and fabric look soft, where the armor gives a sense of it being hard, cold metal. The love between Cupid and the two parents are shown.
In this piece, the fabric that Mars is wrapping around himself really gives off a life-like feel to it, mentally; you get a sense of what it feels like.
The texture in this painting can really be seen in the jewels of the girdle that Venus is wearing. They shine and give off a real life-like look. The bond between mother and son shows in this picture, and how much Venus loves and cares for Cupid.
The textures in this picture can really be seen in the sheets that Venus is lying on and the sheer fabric that is wrapped around her. You can sense the lightness in the sheer fabric. The close bond between mother and son is expressed in this painting.
The expression, "As smooth as a babies bottom..." really holds true in this one. Need I say more about the texture of Cupid's bottom?
The textures in this picture are pretty flawless. Cupid's wings give a feeling of fullness and smoothness. The sheet that he is kneeling on looks cool and soft.
You can get a sense of texture of the canvas, and what really pops the most is the softness of Venus's eyes.
The texture of the lake in the background looks like glass, giving the reflection of the house and mountain. The texture of the wood the painting is painted on also shows through.
Credits: All media
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