Review of Elements of Art and Design- Sarah BEchtel

" I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work."    Sarah Bechtel

Shapes used are oval,circle,organic shapes.More light hitting on the left side and fading onto the right so that shows value.The texture is rough and crinkly.The colors are red,green,yellow,and blue.Negative space surrounding the fruit.
Shapes used are circles and rectangles.It is brighter where the light is hitting and then fading so that shows value.Colors used are different browns,green,and beige. Positive space where the books are and negative surrounding.
Colors used are brown,green,yellow,white,and blue.It is brighter on top of basket and to the left and darker on bottom and the right so that is value.Negative space surrounding the basket.Implied,diagonal,and curved lines.
Colors used are black,yellow,green,and red.Light is hitting the objects and then fading going into the background so that is value.The positive space is the plant and food.There is straight,implied,and diagonal lines.
Top lemons are bright and bottom lemons fade so that is value.Colors used are yellow,brown,orange,and green.Shapes used are organic circles and free formed shapes.There is negative space surrounding the objects.Lines used are curved,straight,and horizontal.
Credits: All media
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