i like this because it uses green alot to show like a kinda scary house but doesnt use black it uses green ..
i like this because it mostly uses blue but also mixes colors like red green but the blue blends out the most .. and it kinda looks messy buyt cool at the same time .
i like how the little heart pops out and its pink but the blue also pops out the most .. like even though they use different colors the blue pops out the most ..
it kinda looks like hands with blue and grey .. and a little bit of yellow ..
i like how the american eagle logo kinda pops out and they use color cool colors in the back to make it stand out more ..
i like how the water looks blue and nice and just relaxing ..
this looks like little finger prints with blue paint on them but it also looks colorful and bright and intersting ..
this looks like a splatter of paint thrown on the painting but it also looks intersting ..
it kinda looks like a fish tank filled with little fishes swimming around:)
i love how the fox pops out and it looks like a store someone would want to walk in .. i like the foxes ..
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