Broadening horizons

This piece is the oldest piece of art in my gallery and was found as part of a floor panel in a dining room of a palace in Rome and was believed to be created in the first century. It was created using different stones and its artist is unknown. It depicts a battle between several species of cats and a pair mythological creatures called centaurs. To me, the battle is representative of the animals versus mythology.
This marble depiction is found in the Acropolis museum in Greece and is thought to be from the time of 460BC. This artwork is made out of marble and is etched. The feeling I get from this piece is that Athena is weighed down with a burden. Perhaps she has returned from a battle that has cost her greatly with lives of her many troops. Maybe she is concerned with an important decision that has to be made.
This work of art is a sculpture and can be found in the Indian Museum in Kolkata. It was sculpted out of marble by an unknown artist. It was sculpted around the fifth century. I think the body of a woman is a beautiful work of art and this depicts a shapely, curvy body of art. She is adorned in a shear fabric with thick thighs, a small waist, rounded hips and a deep belly button. I think maybe I was born in the wrong century.
This painting was found in Spain and is one of two panels that depict the birth of Christ and the resurrection. They were painted around the 14th century, by Pere Serra, using tempura on wooden panels. The artist depicts the darker side of the crucifiction of Jesus Christ. I find it somewhat scary and a little depressing but can still appreciate the painting. To me it shows the brutality of the roman soldiers and the grieving woman in the background shows the loss that the world is about to experience.
This piece in my gallery was painted by Domenikos Theotokopoulos and can be found at the Cau Ferrat Museum. This oil painting, which was painted in 1590, depicts a woman, believed to be Mary Magdalene, who is saddened by the death of Jesus Christ. The woman looks to be in a cave or tomb with the blue sky in the background, which could represent the tomb that was found empty on the third day. There is also a man on a cross which depicts the death of Christ as well as the skeleton which could represent death as well.
This work of art is found in the Biblioteca Museu Victor Balaguer in the country of Spain. It was painted by Antonio Pereda in 1649 using oil paint on canvas. I am amused by the women in the painting and the look of adoration they have while looking at Alexander the Great. They seemed taken by Alexander and whatever it is that he is saying. They also look a little frightened. The men behind Alexander also look intense. Alexander looks very much the center of attention and seems to have a demanding appearance.
This is a French painting depicting two lovers in nature wasting the day away. It was painted using oil and canvas and can be found in The Frick Pittsburgh. and was painted around 1720 BC. Nicolas Lancret was a French artist who was known for painting people, especially romantic scenes. I particularly like this piece because it shows a tenderness between the two, with him putting flowers that they both picked in hair. I also like the color scheme and the sunset in the background.
I find this work of art fascinating because it never surprises me at the length that man will go to entertain each other. You see the massive wriestles trying their hardest to impress the emperors and the emperors look very unimpressed if not angryor even maybe bored with the entire thing. This artwork can be found in the Art Gallery of South Australia and is painted by Utagawa Kuniyoshi using color wood-block print. This painting was thought to be commissioned in the 18-30's-1840's
This work of art can be found in The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture and created by John T. Biggers using sketching. I adore this art and is probably my favorite in my gallery because it reminds me of family and unification. The arms look like they are embracing with and inner locking each other with something arising between them, perhaps a child or the love they have between them. It is a very simple black and withe sketch with lots of depth at the same time. I like the contrast of the black and white.
This is the most modern art found in my gallery and it was commissioned in 2000 by Maria Lidia Magliani and can be found in the Afro Brasil Museum. I love the bright colors and familiarity of the objects in this century. It is a painting that includes scissors, a teapot, a man and possible a woman and what look like a bikini top. I think the scissors are representative of something be cut, quite possible the bikini top, maybe representing freeing yourself from something that constraining you.
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