Russian revolution 1917

By Ellie , Courtney and Laura

The Romanov family ruled over Russia for over 300 years. Tsar Nicholas II was the last Tsar. Here he is pictured with his family, including the only heir Alexei, who suffered from hemophilia.
The February Revolution occurred due to Tsar Nicholas's lack of skill in attacking the issues of famine and economic depression in Russia during 1917 and the previous years.
A revolution was sparked where workers started to violently protests which gained huge momentum and the revolutionaries demanded the abdication of the Tsar for the good of Russia.
The Duma aka the Provisional Government was formed. They were highly unpopular as they continued the war thus keeping the spirit of revolution alive and burning for the return of Lenin.
Lenin returned in April along with his Theses which talked of the end of the imperialistic war, the sharing of land for all in his declaration of "peace,bread,land".
Lenin was an organised and radical leader who believed that a revolution was key to seizing power for the Bolsheviks.Without him a lack of organisation would have been their downfall.
On the evening of 24th October the revolution BEGAN!! This eventually led to the Bolsheviks having total power by the 25th October 1917 which started the regime of the Soviet Union.
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