Into the Past

Gallery by Kenny from the sunshine state of Florida.

This painting from the late 18th century shows the Death of British General James Wolfe. what interests me about this painting is that this revolves around the military world which always excites me, the thing about this piece is that it is depicting the death of a General in combat which is really rare and highly devastating to a military. The medium is a standard canvas I am assuming.
This piece is a simple lion painted onto a medium of tiles in the ancient city of Babylon. What really interests me about the artwork is not the fact that it's a lion, or even the beauty of it. The reason this piece interests me is because the artwork stood the test of time and is able to be photographed and seen to this day.
This was a sword used back in the 5th century A.D. This sword was mostly found buried with a warrior, judging by where the description says it was found, which means that the sword was most likely used in combat. The way the etchings in the sword are still visible is really amazing in my eyes.
Although I cannot find when this piece was created, we can assume that this coffin is really old due to the fact that it is from ancient Egypt. The fact that this piece exists is because there was a great leader that ruled a mass amount of people. And this coffin is a tribute and a reminder of him.
This piece from the 1970's is quite interesting. Although most will see a map of the worlds countries, in my eyes I see the true colors of the world. It is what represents each countries and the colors identifying themselves that actually separate the countries from each other.
The painting portrayed here actually intrigues me a little. This work was made in 1475 and depicts a mother (most likely of royalty) and a child sitting on her lap. We can see the influence of religion at the time. But it raises some questions, who are these people? Why is one of the angles dressed in red? I'm sure there is a deeper meaning to it.
What interests me about this artwork is not just the fact that it is from 400 years before the birth of Christ, although that is pretty cool, but also it portrays ancient life on a vase, and a team of archaeologists found and repaired this object. The vase also looks really decorative.
This piece from the early 1600's is actually broken up into parts, and may not look like it from afar, however, if you zoom in, you can clearly see the amount of detail put into this piece is astonishing. What really amazes me is that this is before flying vehicles were invented so the artist studied his town to paint a map in great detail of his town.
The artwork here is depicting a mythical creature called a Centaur protecting a human from several different beasts. This painting was made back in the 2nd century and really depicts what past humans believed existed. It seems silly to us, but I'm sure that if we told them we have flying machines they would burn us on a stake for being "foolish".
This is one of my favorite pieces, due to the fact that someone in 1884 put so much time into developing this artwork. It is painted on the roof of a Hungarian Opera house. The work may not have too much of a deeper meaning to the people observing it, however it is truly breath taking, and I would love to see it in person.
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