Erica's Second Gallery

This piece of art shows a stark contrast by using negative space, subtle shading and the contrast colors black and white.
This picture shows unity in how the colors are all shaded similarly, however overall I would say that the picture shows variety in that there is no obvious rhythm to the picture. There are details and lines placed throughout at random.
This picture demonstrates an unequal balance. The elements of the artwork are focused majorly on the left side with the small break on the right upper corner.
This portrayal of Adam and Eve was done to scale them in comparison to the trees and animal in the picture that holds true to reality. It has proportioned the picture in two halves with the features of the man and woman being life-like.
The shadows of this picture put emphasis on the mans upper torso and arms which gives a feeling of strength and athleticism.
The slanted fence and tilt of the picture draws the focus of the picture to the right where the women are standing talking.
Despite the lack of formation or structure in this piece of art, there is a unity that is expressed used in the finger painting like texture and in the muddled colors.
This pitcher shows a specific pattern that is repeated in an ornate way across the whole piece.
The colors, geometric shapes, and lines are all contributing elements to the rhythm and balance of this photo.
Credits: All media
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