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Women proportions: Ideal beauty of western Greek culture and classical period (1775-1825); sculptures and paintings representing the perception of female beauty in art. Women in this period were usually represented in a very voluptuous and sensual manner. At the beginning they were  perceived as conceited and self assured of their sexuality and body, but at the end of this period many war-like representations of women started appearing in different paintings and sculptures.

In this painting Venus, Zephyr, Chloris and a Horai are depicted.Everyone who is around Venus seem to adore and be under her command. Every part of her body is not to voluptuous nor too skinny.
Venus is represented in a sitting position and disarming with such easiness, the hand of Cupid. A pink color predominates this painting, and Venus now is shown in a more toned and robust way.
Venus is illustrated in this painting. She seems to be admiring herself in the mirror. Women in this period are represented as if very proud and self assured of their bodies. Elegant postures inundated the images and sculptures of this period. She is also depicted as very voluptuous and chubby-like.
Venus the Goddess of beauty and love is depicted holding an apple. Texture is represented in her medusa-like hair. This 3-D sculpture represents ideal women proportions.
Aphrodite is depicted without head and in very light clothing, which is noticed by a contrast of highlights and shadows. Her body is revealed in a very appealing and desirable matter.
Life-sized head of Greek goddess Athena, this sculpture was created in the 2nd century A.D. She is represented in a very manly way, with short hair, pointy chin, small lips and long nose.
Aphrodite the goddess of love is the center of interest in this sculpture. Sensuality is emphasized by uncovering half of her top body. She is depicted more curvy and well proportioned.
Artemis the goddess of hunting is depicted in a manlier manner, unlike the previous sculptures, but she is still portrayed in a appealing way. Texture plays a big role in her clothing and posture.
Goddess of war Minerva, holding her helmet against her head, in a very war-like position. Highlight and shadows play a big role in creating texture. She is very sensual despite her war-like outfit. Lines create visual flow within this sculpture.
Minerva, goddess of war is depicted with a robe and war-like items, such as her helmet. Her robe and posture represent femininity and give a hint of sensuality. The texture seems complex and gives directional movement to this figurine, which starts at the top, then brings you to her chest with rose-like garment, and the attention is focused to the falling of her robe. This, such as several other sculptures, is a more manlier and warrior-like depiction of women.
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