Yokosuka Ohka 1.It required a sacrifice as it contained one passenger who would steer the bomber into a ship. 2.American sailors gave it the nick name Baka. 3.Had a range of 22 miles.
Barrage balloon 1. Forced aircraft to higher altitudes. 2. Destroyed enemy aircraft with steel wires. 3. Filled with lighter than air gas.
Atomic Bomb 1.largest bomb ever made. 2.Used by Truemen. 3.Caused japan to drop out of war.
M1 grand 1. standard GI's weapon. 2. long range 3. Varied as assault rifle or sniper rifle.
Luger 1. German pistol of choice 2. one of the first semi automatic pistols 3. was used by switzerland till early 1970
Isu 152 1. Very large russian artillery 2. Doubled as a Tank destroyer 3. Russian name means beast killer
Lined the atlantic's shoreline largest fortifications ever.
Used during WW1 played a major rule in ww2
The B-17 also known as the flying fortress was the most used bomber by America during WW2
The number 1 american fighter plane during WW2 was the p-51 it was reliable and easy to handle giving it the ability to control the skies anywhere it went.
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