Leonardo da Vinci

This is a gallery containing works by da Vinci who was an Italian Renaissance artist as well as a writer, an inventor, a mathematician, and a sculptor.  This gallery will show some of his religious paintings, a sculpture, and his academic drawings that he made.  They are in no particular order because they don't all have the same theme.

I picked this statue because I wanted to convey how well rounded of an artist da Vinci was as an artist. The medium is bronze.
I picked this drawing because it shows that da Vinci was not just an artist but an academic. This drawing also helps explain that he was fascinated with horses.
I picked this drawing because it also shows that da Vinci was an academic and a very good one at that. It amazes me that we study this today in books and da Vinci was one of the first to draw anatomy.
I picked this painting because it's an important religious painting. It shows the birth of Jesus with the Magi bringing the gifts for Him. This is a well known religious story and very important.
This painting shows the angel Gabriel coming down and telling the virgin Mary that she will birth Jesus Christ. Notice that the angel's head is below Mary's head. This is an important religious story.
This painting is depicting Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist. This is important because it shows Jesus as a human being baptized like everyone else. It also shows the Holy Spirit above him.
This is just a sketch but it is of an apostle of Christ. This just shows how religious da Vinci was. It's medium is brown ink on blue paper.
This was created within the last 10 years of da Vinci's life. He was also fascinated with destruction in his last 10 years. This shows a town being overtaken by all natural disasters at once.
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