Line's Justificatation

In this Gallery I really like combing through the different Media's to see how lin interacts with the artists composition, it is sort of 'why the artist choose to use this abrupt divide in a blend of color. I hope you enjoy my depiction.

In this scene, Emily Carr broke down the artist value of color and shading and used a less traditional style when using a series of lines in the dress to give it dimension and folds or wrinkles. also within the face it is completely subtitle but it gives just a little bit of design with the lines used.
Victor Solanas seems to be the king of Line, he is using a pure aesthitic of line and how the viewer will see the design. He is trying to construct a scene of energy that i feel is very odd or strange as bycicles for two one the spelling is off and also Bikes are not usually for two people so i think he is trying to get a feel or emotion with these lines.
Now, i want to start of by saying that the very young artist who made this is far beyond there years, the one thing that really interests me is how they almost left a white space for the leesh and instead made the line show through by not putting it there, but everything around it. Great use of line and how it was constructed in the face of the dog and the teeth and everything along the neck.
This line, is very long. This is almost a countor drawing but it is probably not. Either way the Artist used a very obvious approach outlining the people and any other dark important features just to make everything pop that is black and any color more abundant.
This is a figure drawing, probably done in 5 to ten minutes but every line is crucial so therefore the depiction is all strictly the construction of line.
Julian Opie truly mastered this very limited line construction, as it seems to be only a few segments but i detect so much movement with my eye just a little bit of color lines and the black really looks potent.
So with this piece I really enjoy the shadow construction, i like how the artist built up a set of lines and used more on top of it, then with the lightest lines he made the more subtle places, and even using the paper to get the most solid looking light source, or negative space.
In this the line construction as you can see is the only thing present but i like how the artist limited himself to just using more straighten lines in the trees and in some of the body parts however the ones that give the human's more shape.
So the Artist i felt really captured a sense of "the stare" but because the made the eyes and lips very poppy by using those dark black lines. Even in the chin, but also very cleverly within the face the red tints on her cheeks just slight dashes with the brush.
alright I can tell there is not a lot of line but there is lines of colors for seperatation and building of color, it is visible along all of the girls dresses you can see the blue lines for shadow along the seem of there dresses.
Now with this artist i really felt the she had to have been sitting in a strongly lighted room the gave her the insight to create such dark dividing lines in the chin and along the lips and eyes, may or may not include the eyebrows. However the way she built up the neck texture it looks like she dragged the brush in a criss-crossed pattern of lines. 
Now jumping to a different style but still basic simple principle of line in this is how the constructed the patterns along the shirts, then also the minimalism of the faces. This artist was a master at creating a powerful scene with just the right amount of lines.
Now again this could almost be a contour drawing however the artist seemed to interlock this scene with a series of lines constructed off and along one another except for being a few spots of shading.
So the artist with this idea in mind, your sitting in the studio and you have an idea. He just quickly construction the made by using a set of lines, and scribbles per say however again the level of construction is key in this.
Credits: All media
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