color gallery

This gallery has images that demonstrates vocabulary that illustrates color. 

this image shows Monchromaric because it doesn't really have any colors in it. Its just plain and simple.
This image contains warm colors because you can visibly see the red,blue and yellow primary colors.
This picture can be contains cool colors because the colors shown here are shown throughout the picture.
This image shows Split-Complementary because the color of blue and purple are split into yellow which is the color of the the woman.
This image shows Complementary because there is blue,orange,red and green in it.
This image shows Primary Triadic because it has blue, red, and yellow which are used to mix all hues.
This picture shows Analogous because you can see the two types of oranges that would be sitting next to eat other in a color wheel.
This picture shows Tetradic because you can visibly see how the green stands out more than the others.
This picture illustrate Secondary Triadic because it has orange, green and purple in it. This can be achieved by mixing two primary colors.
This image illustrates Tertiary Triadic because it is made of primary and secondary colors that adjacent to the color wheel such as green-yellow and yellow-orange.
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