principles of art 

the element for this picture is space because it simulates the size of the tree and the people. The principle is exageration with the trees and the smallness of the people
the element in the art is value, it show the picture falling. the principle is the movement the value help show the falling and the space show where.
The element is line there are vertical implied and the lines direct you to the drawing. the principle is balance it would be symmetrical because you could fold it in the middle and it would be the same
the element for this art is texture because the grass simulates the feel and it looks actual and real. the principle is unity because all the color are close and it all fits in together.
color would be a element because of the variety of colors that are in this art there are a lot of bright colors. The principle is contrast because of the diffrence in colors
shape is the element in this picture the shape is a organic shape its a complex shape. The principle is emphasis the flower catches your attention and the value and color on it helps it stand out.
geometric shapes that are simple it is repetition there is color and the shapes are square there clear is a repetition of square withe the same patterns.
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