Gallery of fish

I find this really interesting because its a fish made of glass. I wonder how long it took to make it.
The same thing goes with this, it's amazing but i prefer the glass on because it's more vibrent and colourful.
I like this picture because its not a photo but instead a drawing, a really detaled drawing.
I like this picture becauese it is vibrent and really colourful. It's really easy to spot in a large collection of pictures.
This picture is really unique becaues this is an unusiul way to make a picture.
I chose this image because it looks unique and quite expensive.
Like the previouse one, it looks very expensive and hard to come by.
This one looks amazing and really speaks for its self. I keep wondering how long or where its made.
This one is really similar to the other ones and is bacicaly the same thing with a different paint job
This painting is truly amazing because of the colours and its accuratness.
This is something you don't see every day- a stained gall window made to look like fishes. How convenent for me...
Credits: All media
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