Joshua O'Keefe

This is a gallery to describe the use of the shape in visual art 

I observe many distinct organic shapes in this painting.The complex cluster of a smaller shapes in the bottom left show many unique curvilinear shapes. The red shapes in the bottom right represents a large organic shape because it lacks sharp, straight shapes
I observe many Abstract shapes in this artwork because it like a really life photo but like in a differnt world..
I observe many Representational Shapes because this is based on the object and its based on the object...
I observe many Nonobjectives shapes in this artwork because the shapes in this photo dont mean anything..They are a pure forms because they have no meaning to it...
I observe many geometric shapes in this artwork because the edges are crisp and has a consistent curves..The artwork has an old look to it like it was from the 1900..It looks like a regular map but has many more colors to it and many more features to it..
I observe many Curvilinear shapes in this artwork..The black letters in this artwork are really curvilinear because if u look closer they have a lot of curves to it..They also have a lot of flowing edges..
I observe many Organic Shapes in this photo because there are a lot of trees in this photo..also this picture has a lot of nature and plants..The sky is really blue and the river is really nice and looks really cool..
I observe many Rectilinear shapes in this artwork..This has a lot of lines in this photo because in the middle the ocean and the ground are together, what looks like lines...
Credits: All media
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