China's culture

Jatin Cranmore

I chose this item for the detailed pictures that seem to arise naturally from the bowl
The dragon is a very important thing in china and is sacred to most people back in ancient China.
The Great Wall of China has protected China for centuries from the Mongols.
The amount of time and effort that went into crafting such an intricate piece of artwork like the one seen in this picture must have been immense.
This part of China's culture was represented well through the still astounding craftsmanship of the people of China.
This was an important time in China's history because the soviet union was a large and dominating power.
This bead is so beautiful, and I had to wonder how such an amazing yet small thing could be created.
The artisans of China are known for being very skilled in making statues, pendents, and just beautiful pieces of art.
The tiger is another creature that is seen as a holy figure in the Chinese culture, as seen by this wonderful painting.
People wear these masks and parade down the street in festivals that are colorful and exciting. The especially do so during the Chinese new year to ward of evil spirits and bad omens.
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