elements of art and design

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This piece of art, created with pen and brown ink, was created using only lines. With just lines, the artist was able to make many different textures and values. The only shading done was by hatching
By using shading, the artist was able to show form very well. The different values allow you to see the cylinder-esque irregular form of the Tower of Babel.
Using different colored tiles, this artist made the image of a fish swimming in water. Even though the value does not change much, the different colors of the tiles show the image very well.
The contrasting values of this drawing help show that the subjects have forms and not just 2D shapes. Having mostly light and dark values and not much in between helps set a grim mood.
The different colors in this mosaic help show the shape of its patterns. The value does not change much, so it does not show a 3D form and is instead just a 2D shape.
This sculpture of Nyke, the Greek goddess of victory has a distinct texture. The folds in her robes give it a rough texture. The whole sculpture seems rough too, but this might be due to age.
Like many pieces of art, the background space is white. The glass sphere refracts the space behind it, showing its non-uniform values. The reflective prism inside the sphere helps show this even more.
Credits: All media
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