Colorless War - Carlos Arminio

A brief exposition of black and white photos taken during the civil war that occurred in Spain between 1936 and 1939. The war was a confrontation between the republican government led by the president back then, Manuel Azaña, and the fascist army which raised against the republican government, led by General Francisco Franco. By the end of the war, the rebel army won, and Spain was governed by Franco for the next 40 years. Both sides committed atrocities that resulted in the death of more than 500,000 people, and the destruction of almost every city of the country. This gallery shows what the world could see about the war in Spain back in those times. This a not a biased gallery to the fascists led by General Francisco Franco, or the republicans, it is a perspective of what people in Spain was living through those times, no matter their political color.      

This photo shows women claiming for the lives of prisoners taken by the rebels that controlled the city of Sevilla. Rhythm is present in this photo, since many women raise their arms the same way.
A man is walking on the destroyed outskirts of Madrid, place of many battles during the war. The picture has an emphasis on the shattered buildings, but it also draws attention to the man walking.
Republican supporters dig trenches, preparing for battle in Madrid. Unity is present in this picture, both in an artistic way, and people working together in order to resist the next battle.
Republican soldiers ready to attack fascists. Emphasis on the soldiers and the unity shown are great features in this image. Many people who fought weren't soldiers, but wanted to fight anyway.
Republican soldiers surrender to the fascists after a battle in Somosierra. Proportion in this picture shows the considerable great landscape and the space in which was taken.
While many places in Spain where destroyed, others were unharmed like the case of Salamanca, like this photo shows. Pattern and repetition are present in the facade of this house.
Republicans preparing mortars to resist the fascist attack in Madrid. Rhythm is present as the men shown in this photo work together in different steps of making mortars rockets.
Republican troops enter Teruel, a city they took out of the fascists.There is variation in this photo, as we can see not only soldiers, but citizens on the background, and ruins caused by the battle.
Republican soldiers looking for rebels on destroyed buildings. Proportion in this photo show the space beyond the last soldier shown, in which there can be seen other buildings outside where they are.
American soldiers that fought for the republicans were captured, and then released during the final months of the war. Unity is the main feature in this photo as the soldiers walk together.
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